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Our Mission

CPRIT maintains the highest integrity and dedication to the mission of finding cures and treatments for cancer. Our investments position Texas as a world-class leader in cancer research and prevention and connect universities, researchers, physicians, companies, hospitals, and clinics throughout Texas to form a critical ecosystem of distinguished cancer-fighting talent.

As established by the Legislature, CPRIT is guided in our work by our three-part mission.

Investing in the Research Prowess of Texas Institutions

A fundamental motivation in the creation of CPRIT was to bolster the cancer research capacity of Texas institutions. CPRIT accomplishes this mission through recruiting preeminent researchers to Texas, assuring access to state-of-the-art equipment and specialized expertise through core facilities, funding the full continuum of innovative research, training the next generation of cancer researchers, and investing in emerging cancer research centers in all parts of Texas.

By supporting the most creative ideas and meritorious projects brought forward by Texas cancer research institutions, CPRIT is helping to drive scientific excellence in our state while also reducing the burden of cancer.

William Kelly: Exploring New Treatments for Glioblastoma

Creating and Expanding Texas Life Science Infrastructure

Texas has an abundance of world-class institutions and academic medical centers that contribute to advancements in cancer care, research, and prevention. This life science ecosystem is strengthened through the availability of resources such as core facilities, advanced manufacturing tools, state-of-the-art computational modeling technologies, accelerator hubs, and other critical assets. With more than a decade of steady investment in these areas, CPRIT has helped to bolster this infrastructure dedicated to the fight against cancer.

By investing in projects to integrate unmatched biological, medical, chemical, and computational expertise with advanced technology, CPRIT serves to unify the broad spectrum of life science capabilities in Texas and unlock the potential of that infrastructure for the fight against cancer.

The Gulf Coast Consortia: Collaboration Texas-style

Accelerating Innovation in Preventing and Treating Cancer

CPRIT's investments continue to bring the latest technologies and the brightest researchers to Texas while giving Texans more opportunities to access cancer prevention and diagnostic testing in underserved regions.

Advances in technology over the past decade have opened new doors for patient-specific treatment. Here in Texas, CPRIT funding has been central to many of those advancements. By accelerating innovation and breakthroughs in prevention and treatment, CPRIT keeps Texas on the cutting edge of novel and impactful developments in the fight against cancer.

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